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With an integrated and innovative approach, we offer advice and solutions to a wide range of your consulting needs.

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iSolutions offers resource management consulting services such as resource consents, sub-division consents, planning appraisal and policy advice.

We can liaise on your behalf with Councils and specialists for your projects. 


iSolutions | Land Use & Subdivision Consents

Land Use & Subdivision Consents

iSolutions offers one-stop solution to all your consenting needs. Let us take care of your land use, subdivision and building consents.

iSolutions can project manage and process your consent applications on your behalf. We will take care of the end-to-end consent process, right from pre-application to approval.


Each site and application are unique on their own. iSolutions will work with Council and specialists such as architects, engineers, surveyors and ecologists as needed for your application.


If you already have your own preferred specialists, we are flexible to collaborate with them to find appropriate solution for your application.

Can I subdivide my section and build an additional dwelling at the back? 

What consents would I need, how long will it take, and how much will it cost?


iSolutions | Planning Appraisal

Planning Appraisal

We can conduct a pre-market planning appraisal for both pre-investment (buyer) and pre-listing (seller) purposes. We can help to provide you information about the latest market valuation of your property.​

When I sold my property couple of months ago, I did not realise its full development potential under the Auckland Unitary Plan. I think I sold it under market value. It’s too late now.

I bought my property two years ago. Last year, I went to Council to seek advice to subdivide and build a new infill house in the back. I was told that I can neither subdivide nor build. I was not aware of this restriction when I bought the property.

Have you ever been in either of the above scenario yourself? Or do you know someone who is in that awkward situation? iSolutions can help you avoid such disappointments. We can assist you to make smart financial decisions about your property investment or returns.

iSolutions | Policy Advice

Policy Advice

iSolutions provides advice on District Plan policy matters such as plan changes.  

Remember us for making submissions, 

attending hearings or lodging appeals.

I am interested in a property and would be keen to know about possibility to change the zoning after purchase. Would it be feasible?  What is the process? How much would it cost and how long would it take?

My property is affected by a Council plan change. What does this mean and how can I make a submission?

iSolutions can help you if you need to attend a consent or plan change hearings at Council. We can act as your planning consultant and work with you to find you a legal counsel to represent you at the Environment Court. iSolutions can advise you on other Resource Management Act process such as Court hearings, lodging appeals and section 274 process.


About iSolutions

iSolutions is led by Raj Maharjan. Raj is a qualified planner with New Zealand planning experience since 2007 and Master of Planning Practice (with Honours) from the University of Auckland.

Nine years of Raj's experience is with Councils in Auckland. He held different planning roles for seven years in Auckland Council and two years in the former North Shore City Council.


Within Auckland Council, Raj held roles of Senior Consents Planner and Policy Planner. As a Senior Consents Planner, Raj managed complex resource consents applications, and advised applicants on a range of development proposals.


In his role as Policy Planner, Raj has extensive experience of plan making and plan change process under the Resource Management Act (RMA). On behalf of Auckland Council, Raj provided expert planning advice to the preparation of the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP). His Unitary Plan experience involved managing the RMA process for the proposed re-zoning and precincts. Raj authored expert planning evidence and presented it to the PAUP Independent Hearings Panel.

For Raj’s additional experience and credentials, please visit his LinkedIn profile

iSolutions | Raj Maharjan
iSolutions | Raj Maharjan

Why iSolutions

iSolutions will give their best shot to ensure that your project journey is hassle-free and enjoyable.



You will receive our direct attention on your projects and immediate response to your queries from our team members. iSolutions has a simple management structure without multiple layers of reporting lines.


iSolutions strongly believes in partnership. We value in establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients.

 We want to ensure that your project journey is hassle-free and enjoyable.



iSolutions strives to provide a quality service at a reasonable price. We will do our best to deliver your project on time.

You will save time and money while working with us as we are a compact team of professionals committed to deliver top quality service.   



We take pride in delivering you an excellent customer experience.

We offer you custom-made solutions to your consulting needs. For us, working with you is more than just another project.


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We are based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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