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We believe in helping you make the right call from the very beginning.

Investing in property is a big decision. It comes with a large financial obligation and a long-term commitment. Whether you are a homeowner, buyer, seller, developer, investor or lender, you want to get it right.


We are experts in town planning, the Auckland Unitary Plan and Resource Consents. We can help you from the very initial stage of conducting a feasibility analysis to securing resource consents, be it for adding a room at your home or building & subdividing,.


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We are driven to deliver results for you. We believe in not only solving your problems but also building a long-lasting relationship. You will receive top quality professional services from us.


Each site and project are unique. We will work with you to find a custom-made solution to meet your requirements. We are based in West Auckland, and our services are available for the entire Auckland region.


iSolutions | Land Use & Subdivision Consents

Resource & Subdivision Consent

We offer a one-stop solution to all your consenting needs. You can count on us to take care of the hassles of the entire process. We will manage end-to-end stages of your consenting needs.

Can I subdivide my section and build an additional dwelling at the back? 

What consents would I need, how long will it take, and how much will it cost?


For consents processing we offer the following services:

  • ensuring your application aligns with the rules of the unitary plan

  • organising pre-application meeting

  • preparing and lodging the total application with council

  • writing the Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE)

  • ensuring all supporting documents such as architectural design, engineering reports and scheme plans are ready before lodgement

  • liaising with council

  • responding to request for further information

  • project managing the entire process 

iSolutions | Planning Appraisal


View our Diamond, Platinum and Gold options by clicking here.

Assessing feasibility at the very initial stage of building, subdividing, buying or selling is important to avoid disappointment later. We offer a range of feasibility options from a  consultation session to a detailed report. 

When I sold my property couple of months ago, I did not realise its full development potential under the Auckland Unitary Plan. I think I sold it under market value. It’s too late now.

I bought my property two years ago. Last year, I went to council to seek advice to subdivide and build a new house at the back. I was told that I can neither subdivide nor build. I was not aware of this restriction when I bought the property.

Have you ever been in either of the above scenarios? Or do you know someone who is in that awkward situation? We will help you avoid such disappointments. We will provide you with key information about your property so that you can make the right decision about your building, subdividing, buying or selling journey. 

iSolutions | Policy Advice

Unitary Plan Advice

We are experts in the district plan process, and are experienced in the Unitary Plan preparation. We will work with you on plan changes, submissions,  hearings or appeals.

I am interested in a property and would be keen to know about possibility to change the zoning after purchase. Would it be feasible?  What is the process? How much would it cost and how long would it take?

My property is affected by Unitary Plan change. What does this mean and how can I make a submission?

We heard that council is changing zoning in our area to allow three level buildings. What is going to happen to my privacy? Are my neighbours going to build houses right next to my fence? 

We offer planning services to represent you if you need to attend a consent or plan change hearings. We will act on your behalf and work with a legal counsel and specialists to represent you at hearings. We can advise you on other Resource Management Act processes such as court hearings, submissions and appeals.

Why iSolutions

Why iSolutions

It could be a daunting task to navigate the thousands of pages of the Auckland unitary plan to figure out what your property is suitable for, or what consents you might need, or how to apply for a consent. It could be as simple as figuring out what is the unitary plan minimum dwelling size to build or what is the minimum lot size to subdivide. Or it may be more complex issue such as whether you need to notify your application. If you did not get it right initially, your project might be delayed, causing you a lot of hassle, and ultimately costing you time and money. 


We are the unitary plan specialists. We can help you right from the initial stage of feasibility investigation to getting consents. We provide services also to a range of professionals such as architects and civil engineers to complement those industries with unitary plan solutions.



You will receive our direct attention on your projects and immediate response to your queries from our team members. iSolutions has a simple management structure without multiple layers of reporting lines.


iSolutions strongly believes in partnership. We value in establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients.

 We want to ensure that your project journey is hassle-free and enjoyable.



iSolutions strives to provide a quality professional service at a reasonable price. We will deliver your project on time. You will save time and money while working with us.    



We take pride in delivering you an excellent customer service experience. We offer custom-made solutions to your consulting needs. For us, working with you is more than just another project.

About iSolutions

iSolutions was founded in 2017 by Raj Maharjan, a qualified town planner experienced in the public and private sectors. He has been practising in the New Zealand planning industry since 2007. He holds a Master of Planning Practice (with Honours) from the University of Auckland and a Master of Science from the University of Copenhagen. Raj held different planning roles for seven years in Auckland Council and two years in the former North Shore City Council. During which he held roles of Senior Planner, Policy Planner and Environmental Planner. 

Raj has extensive experience of plan making and managing the plan change process under the Resource Management Act. Raj provided expert planning advice during the preparation of the Auckland unitary plan. His unitary plan experience involved presenting planning evidence to the Independent Hearings Panel.

To view Raj’s experience and credentials, please visit his LinkedIn profile.

PNG Raj July 2022.png

"iSolutions are the real deal. Raj’s ability to work effectively with professionals from another sector, in this case, our architect Creative Arch, was impressive.


As part of Raj’s role in the unitary plan team in Auckland Council, he prepared and presented evidence to the Independent Hearings Panel as a planning expert. This expert knowledge was incredibly valuable to us in the services he delivered for Council approval. 


iSolution’s “Unitary Plan Assessment” report provided us a clear picture of where we stood in terms of unitary plan rules. Creative Arch based the unitary plan aspects of our building consent application on the report delivered to us by iSolutions. We would have ended up with paying higher fees if we did not have this report from iSolutions. Raj and his team at iSolutions are great to work with and provide amazing value for money. They also helped reduce stress and anxiety by guiding us through the process." Dr David Schischka, The Business Doctor


"iSolutions delivered us consent to build and subdivide three free-standing dwellings in South Auckland. We are greatly impressed with their quality of service and effective communication. We had a challenging site and previously worked with a different provider but did not succeed in getting consents for this project. Once iSolutions came on board, they promptly took up the project and got the ball rolling. We were greatly impressed with how they worked hard to get this off the line despite slow response from council. We were well-informed all the way and were informed exactly what was going on with our project. I was really worried and was having sleepless nights about this project before engaging iSolutions. iSolutions took all the hassle off from us, and I was able to have a good night’s sleep since engaging them. I will be using iSolutions’s services in the future too." - Ilango Vedachalam, Auckland


"We have been really pleased to work with Raj from iSolutions for our council application for resource consent. He was friendly, easy to work with, and helpful throughout the entire process. He kept us up to speed with all we needed to know, and was very knowledgeable. We were impressed with how hard he worked, advocating for us constantly. Thanks to his efforts the process felt very smooth and stress-free for us. We would definitely recommend iSolutions as a trustworthy and very capable partner." Georgina Wooding and Oliver Wooding, Auckland


"We were having a lot of issues progressing our consents with council. When Raj from iSolutions came on board he got things moving quickly which took a lot of weight off our shoulders. He did a great job." Taz Kapadia, Challenge, Territory Manager


"We worked with iSolutions to deliver resource consent and subdivision consent to our client for a new build and subdivision. iSolutions provided planning input, including the AEE. I found it very helpful to work with Raj from the very beginning on this project to navigate the nuances of MDRS and other Unitary Plan rules. In addition to town planning input, we greatly benefitted from Raj’s council experience and his network within the planning practitioners circle. We look forward to working with Raj again in further projects." Director, Ghost Paper Studio (Architectural Firm)

About iSolutions

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